Welcome to the ARKO Uniforms & Accessories


ARKO Uniforms are made of excellent and comfortable; stiching is really good and prices are resonable.

The fabric of ARKO Uniforms is doft yet durable, Colors are fast and will leave no stain on other fabric when washed together.

ARKO Uniforms are the only uniforms with MONEY BACK Gurantee. If any of our customer is not satisfied with the quality even after usage of one full month.

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We sell uniforms of designs approved by all the schools of DHA and Clifton areas. All the school of DHA recommend our name for uniforms of their prestigious institutions.

  • Unifroms for Schools, Colleges & Companies.
  • Lab Coats, Pullovers, Cardians, Blazers and Gowns.
  • Caps, Ties, Belts, Shoes, Bags, Lunch Box, Water Bottles etc.
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